Broken Bots





Studio: Hentaied
Approximate Running Time: 00:06:54
Date Added: 2021-11-01
Released: 2021

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Few days ago, we made an order: a dozen of new hot Red Head Bots of Lottie Magne. So, today we got them all and guess what? All of them are broken. Not even one works properly. Just take a look: they are drooling all around, moaning slightly and moving their beautiful toes on small tiny 35 size foot. The Ahegao mode is always on: crossed eyes, red sweet cheeks. Like all of them are just half a step before having the best ever orgasm in the World.

Well, anyways there are already here, let’s have some fun. We are going to give each of them a huge dildo and see what will happen. What a genius idea, right? So, even though they are broken they know pretty well how to push properly in and out those big girl’s best friends.

By the way we got an advice: once Robots Lotties explode with a ton of fresh cum - their system should be upgraded, so they should start to work properly. Therefore, we are here enjoying the show and waiting for the miracle. Meanwhile all our Russian little red heads ride dildos, get deep vagina and truly enjoy the process.

Finally, one of the bots starts to explode with a sticky white liquid. Well, it took almost the whole day to achieve this moment. And here we go: one Lottie, then another and another starts to leak cum from their tiny sweet creamy pussy and mouth. Well, now all our living room is filled up with Freshly made Creampies.

What for result we got after a 12 hours (or even more) masturbation session with a fully Ahegao Mode, Dozens of Creampies and Ton of Cum all around? Well, our cuties start to play with all this spooge and even try how tasty it is.

Clip 1 - 6 mins 54 secs

Broken Bots Clip 1 00:01:40
Broken Bots Clip 1 00:02:00
Broken Bots Clip 1 00:02:40
Broken Bots Clip 1 00:05:00
Broken Bots Clip 1 00:06:40
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Cast & Stars: Broken Bots

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