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Kyler Quinn, Rosalyn Sphinx, and Skye Blue are all in a detention facility for bad girls whose families can't handle their behavior. During a group therapy session with Codey Steele, the girls realize that it's May the Fourth, also known as Star Wars day. They get super excited and ask to have a party since they're all fans. Codey thinks the girls are making good progress, so he greenlights their request. All three girls have costumes to put on, so they run to their room for a sexy change interlude. When Codey returns and sees how sexy those outfits are, he insists that the girls need to change right now. Instead of listening to him, the girls decide to come on to him instead. Codey is uncomfortable enough as the girls each flash their titties, but he's still already hard when they herd him back into a chair and whip his dick out. These three chicks are voracious for a hardcore fuck as they take turns sucking him off before they urge him to stick it in. Hopping onto the couch, Rosalyn, Kyler, and Skye present a pussy buffet as they wait on their knees for Codey to give it to each of them. Codey takes a seat on the couch now so the girls can each enjoy a ride. Rosalyn kicks it off in cowgirl, with Kyler taking a spin in reverse cowgirl before Skye hops onto that cock to mirror Rosalyn's initial position. The trio then creates another pussy lineup as each girl rolls onto her back, knees drawn to their chests, for Codey to poke each of them in turn. Skye is the last up, and when Codey has finished her off he pulls out and cums all over her snatch to give the girls a salty party treat to enjoy.

For May the Fourth, Quinn Wilde and Chloe Temple have dressed as competing Jedis to fight over Lily Larimar, who is dressed as a princess in distress. The girls are having a great time until Chloe's stepbrother Will Pounder walks in and tries to shut the party down. Chloe invites Will to join them, but he says no because Chloe always tries to make it sexual. Quinn asks Chloe if she's still trying to get pregnant. Chloe denies it, then beckons Will over to say that her friend Quinn thinks that he's totally hot and if he promises not to rat them out for their party Quinn will definitely fuck him. When Will is interested, Chloe goes to plant the same idea in Quinn's head. The four of them engage in an epic battle, but when Will wins the girls insist that maybe it's time he shows off his real weapon. Dropping to their knees, the trio lets Quinn take the lead as they pull out Codey's hardon and start sucking. The girls each get a turn, with Chloe going second and Lilly shyly enjoying the last suck. It's not hard from there to convince Will that they all need to fuck. Will starts with Chloe this time, giving it to her in doggy. Quinn cums next as Chloe watches and masturbates her hot little twat. When Quinn has gotten hers, she and Chloe finger each other's clits as Will takes Lilly. Will takes a seat on the couch next so Quinn can ride his fuck stick while shoving her big tits in her face and while her BFFs diddle themselves to the sight. Lilly gets to take the next turn. Chloe goes last as she lays cradled in Quinn's arms with Will banging away between her thighs. She gets Will to cum inside her even though he doesn't do it voluntarily, leaving her with what she hopes is her stepbrother's baby.

What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Hime Marie and her swap brother Kyle Mason have joined their swap parents Sophia West and Charles Dera in a costumed marathon. They're eager to get home and shower, but there's a problem: they can't get their skintight bodysuits off. Soon enough, both girls are on their knees trying to help the boys out of their suits. When the suits both rip to let the dicks dangle free, the girls are both shocked and aroused. Hime is the first to start sucking as she opens wide to take swap daddy's fuck stick in her mouth. Sophia isn't far behind. The boys want more than just a BJ, and the girls are more than willing. Hopping onto the couch, Sophia and Hime get on their knees. Kyle slides home into Sophia's twat, while Charles fills Hime's cooch right up in the doggy. The boys take a seat on the couch while the girls swap partners. When they resume fucking, Sophia rides Charles's fuck stick while Hime rides Kyle's. After a brief interlude where the ladies suck their own juices off their respective dicks, they get on their backs so they can get their pussies pounded. Charles takes on Hime's pussy, while Kyle goes back to his swap mommy Sophia. As Charles reaches his big finish, he shoves deep to give Hime a big creampie. Kyle pops a moment later to give Sophia a matching pussy full of cum that dribbles from her greedy snatch.

Scouts Kinsley Kane and her bestie Tristan Summers are working hard to sell their cookies. They are having a friendly competition over who can sell the final box. To get there, they still have to make a few more sales. They are in their bras and panties, but Kinsley gets the bright idea that she is going to go sell cookies to her dad right now. Tristan tries to tell Kinsley she can’t go out there dressed like that because her dad will have a heart attack. Kinsley goes anyway makes a sale, which Tristan claims is super unfair… The girls take a break from their friendly bickering to get dressed in their scout uniforms. As they’re finishing up, Kinsley’s brother, Connor Kennedy, wanders past the room. The girls try to sell Connor cookies, but he claims he only has enough money to buy from one of them. Kinsley offers to show Connor her titties if he’ll buy from her. Tristan again moans foul, but this time she’s not going to let her BFF sideline her. She flashes her tits, too. Not to be outdone, Kinsley pops Connor’s boner out to start stroking him off. Tristan only hesitates a second before she dives in for a double BJ with her friend. Kinsley still thinks she’s going to win, so she gets on her knees and offers her pussy for Connor to fuck. Of course, he takes her up on that doggy delight while Tristan lays back and masturbates to the sight of the siblings getting it on. Eventually, Kinsley drags Tristan into action by eating her friend out and then urging her to ride Connor’s cock. On her back, Tristan takes a proper pussy pounding while Kinsley rides her mouth. That position is enough to bring Connor to a big finish that leaves Tristan cum covered with Kinsley lapping her clean. That’s when Connor confesses he doesn’t actually have any money at all to buy cookies from either of them.

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