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Great things cum in threes. Cheating, romance, and seduction! The tawdry story continues... As women seduce other women. "One is not enough" she says. "It is you and me and she makes three." It's a lesbian triangle... Volume 38 features the sapphic desires of Serene Siren, Lauren Phillips, Madi Meadows, Charlotte Sins and many more.
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Comments on Lesbian Triangles 38

gbill247 says:
Scene 3 could have been hot but the stupid over the top moaning makes it fake as hell and stupid. Go back to natural girls and real sex pleease.
Cramjaw1 says:
You could be right. If they make any of these corrections, either yours or mine we will know for sure. I haven't seen "It" in a while and that wasn't on my mind here, but there was a small movie reference in my last comment if anyone reading this is a Spinal Tap fan.
JimS says:
Yes, Cramjaw1, the direction leaves a lot to be desired but if the scripts, storylines, concepts, ideas and pairings were better, maybe I wouldn't worry too much about the direction...by the way, have you been watching a certain famous horror film involving a clown?
Cramjaw1 says:
If I might JimS also add proper direction to your list. If the cartoonish faces and over the top screaming and moaning were addressed by the director than they would stop, but truthfully I believe they are encouraged. Maybe they believe turning it up to 11 and being corny and over the top is what people want. Girlsway content couldn't get anymore ridiculous even if you had a clown on a unicycle riding around the bed the whole time. And they seem to be getting bigger all the time. I just hope they don't completely push realistic girlgirl sex out of the market completely. And I mean for this high production value sites. You will always be able to find something like Girls Out West online, but they will never have the money for production that a site like GFF has.
JimS says:
I've got no problem with the performers...but you can't just get a bunch of lovely performers and plonk them in a release without a decent script, storyline etc. I haven't viewed this film...but can see from the teasers that it's 4 cosy threesomes instead of triangles, seduction or twist...this release was a huge waste of an opportunity.
JimS says:
Exactly, Cramjaw1...
Cramjaw1 says:
I wonder what happened to the talented women they assembled for this film and why they didn't end up using them.
Ukrainian says:
GFF has assembled a group of talented and beautiful naked women for this film!
Burrrrr says:
Upon further review, Alyx star isnt that bad. I think shes just naturally loud. Lauren Phillips on the other hand, is annoyingly awful.
JimS says:
The Lesbian Triangles series is a totally different concept to lesbian threesomes...at least it was. In fact it was the total opposite to friendly threesomes. Not going to view this, but what a waste of a chance to have some saucy lesbian two timing...the likes of milfy Lauren Phillips seducing two sexy girls behind each other's backs...to me the problems with GFF are the concepts, the storylines, the scripts, the set-ups, the believable seductions, or lack of, in this case. Yes, DeepKisser is right, the company seems to have gone against what it was supposed to be, what it used to be. That's their decision of course so it's our right to give our opinions here and try and change their minds, if we want to. Sometimes I think they're getting back on the right track if some of the realism and believability of the storylines could improve...then they go backwards again. Let's remember, it still says ''SIMPLY THE MOST REALISTIC SEX IN LESBIAN ADULT VIDEO'' on the back covers of these releases. By ''realistic sex'' they clearly don't mean realistic scripts, concepts and storylines. It's like THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO between the 'girl meets girl' bit and the 'girl has sex with girl' bit...
Burrrrr says:
What Ryzey14 refers to as enthusiastic is actually just the girls faking itoverracting in a lazy effort not to bore. I 100 agree with Lezzyist. The acting in these scenes is awful. Lauren Phillips and Alyx Star are especially terrible.
Cramjaw1 says:
Allherluv. I will give it a look. Thanks. I've also been getting into Viv Thomas lately. I had to find a site that didn't have dialog all through the scene. This one was a prime example of chitter chatter all the way to the end. I've never been a fan of excessive talking through a scene. Most of the time you get the "I'm so wet" or "I'm going to cum" and those are tools to try and make the audience believe. I guess they were shooting for sexy talk here, but it just felt unnatural.
DeepKissLover says:
Threesomes!? AWFUL. GF Films have hit rock bottom. Just when you think it can't get any worse, it can. If people want to watch threesomes they can do it over at Girlsway or should I say Threeway. This is disgusting. Both studios, Girlsway and GF Films are now garbage. What the hell is going on? It hurts me to watch what the owner Moose and this incompetent director BSkow have done with this company. They have destroyed everything that was great about it. The passion, seduction, hot kissing, side camera angle. All gone.
Lezzyist says:
And yeah, GFF is actively trying to get away from the idea of realistic sex. It's goofy and hammy sex performances in like 3 of every 4 scenes now. I don't too much care about the story acting, but man the sex and the dialogue during sex is getting cartoonish in most scenes.But maybe that's what sells, IDK.I honestly wanted to be a collector, but after coming here a few times lately to buy releases immediately before they finally hit the membership site, I realize it's just plain smarter to only buy scene-by-scene so that you don't spend on the scenes with performers that will be super hammy.cramjaw I feel the same way about Alyx. So beautiful, but so over-the-top and not real during the sex. Want to like her alot, I really do!
Lezzyist says:
Yeah AllHerLuv is good a nice percentage of the time.
Mole1 says:
Scene one didnt need the fat girl with the big tits, enjoyed having music though, scenes much better with music
ElleKeener says:
Cramjaw1 allherluv
Ryzey14 says:
Awesome release, with 11 of the hottest women in the industry today. Almost 4 hours of steamy threesome action between GF Films superstars and the best emerging young actresses. Great to see the contract stars together as a hot combination. Eva Long and Lauren Phillips are always enthusiastic performers and Serene Siren worked overtime massaging two babes at once to spark the amazing oily threesome. Loved it!
Cramjaw1 says:
Didn't like this one. The first scene started things off in the wrong direction in my opinion. I've really tried to like Alyx Star's work because she is so pretty and has those big natural boobs, but her performance is so corny and over the top it just wrecked the whole scene for me. The second scene had no one I am a fan of so I skipped it. The best word I can think of to describe the third scene was noisy. Madi Meadows makes a lot of noise all the time. Whether they were rubbing her pussy, or her leg, or changing position she was moaning and groaning. Not to be out noised Caitlin Bell wanted to make sure she was heard as well with a lot loud all the way through. I think perhaps someone behind they camera suggesting a more subtle approach could have helped. The fourth scene I kind of enjoyed. Charlotte can get a little over the top sometimes, but she really held back on that until the very end. In the end I think my issue is just in the direction this site is going in. Everything seems to be headed more into the Girlsway over the top silly direction and subtle and realistic seems to be taking a back seat. Can anyone think of a lesbian website with high production value and realistic sex? GFF is turning into the McDonalds of porn. A pretty package but a poor product.

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