Frisky Anal Nymphos 2





Studio: Chris Streams
Approximate Running Time: 02:13:45
Date Added: 2022-04-27
Released: 2022

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Scene 1: Jane + London in Schoolgirl Detention! - Platinum blonde MILF teacher London Rivers supervises as petite student Jane Wilde serves detention. Left alone, the delinquent, snooping schoolgirl discovers colored dildos and lube among the teacher’s belongings. She sucks on a thick latex toy and tucks it in her lubed twat. Atop the teacher’s desk, the tiny brunette bounces on the phallus! Returning to the classroom, London finds Jane devilishly masturbating. The busty instructor admonishes the young girl for her impudence ... and jams the giant dick-toy in Jane’s hot mouth! London strips down to her lacy black bra and pops out her big tits for Jane to suck. The lusty ladies kiss passionately. Pervy Jane eats London’s wet snatch, gives a lesbian rim job, and tastes ass-to-mouth flavor on a toy pulled freshly from the tutor’s tush. A lollipop-shaped toy reams Jane’s butthole. Jane stuffs a lubed apple into London’s rectum! More fruity anal play ensues; when London buttfucks Jane with a peeled banana, Jane’s lubed sphincter squeezes it back out. Jane’s bunghole gapes widely. The student’s asshole blasts out a “booty shake,” splashing the teacher’s face with milky streams! They kiss, slop dripping from their faces.

Scene 2: Jane & Violet in Nasty Nympho Detention! - Alluring, raven-haired bad girls Violet Starr and Jane Wilde share a detention session. Unsupervised, the schoolgirls challenge each other to a “nasty” contest! They smooch, strip off their uniform blouses, and suck each other’s pert, natural tits. Violet kneels to feverishly lap Jane’s hairy twat, and she rims Jane’s tight asshole. Jane goes wild, fingering Violet’s vag, tonguing her bunghole and eating pussy, right on top of the teacher’s desk! Jane crams Violet’s rectum with a dick-shaped lollipop, and then feeds her the sticky candy ass-to-mouth! She fingers her classmate’s clit and spreads her legs widely. Jane prods Violet’s cunt more, and they share lesbian anal dildo drilling. Violet fingers, licks and dildo-plunges Jane’s juicy box and butthole. The girls share their juice on toys amid multiple rounds of labia lapping, ass worship and rectal gaping! This perfect, Sapphic schoolgirl soiree concludes with a sloppy, spit-soaked kiss.

Scene 3: Jane, Haley & Sophia in Detention 3-Way! - A teacher sternly admonishes pretty blondes Haley Reed and Sophia Grace for their skimpy attire, and then leaves them in classroom detention. Petite brunette troublemaker Jane Wilde enters in a plaid schoolgirl skirt, lustily licking a big lollipop. She raids the teacher’s outrageous stash of sex toys and masturbates, jamming a dildo in her snatch. Lesbian lust boils over in an all-girl threesome! Atop the teacher’s desk, Jane spreads her legs as Sophia masturbates and sinks a hose-length toy down her throat! Haley pries open Jane’s asshole with an oversized rubber dong. The blonde baddies eat Jane’s twat and rim her anus; Jane laps Haley’s snatch; girls taste ass-to-mouth flavor on fingers. Sophia and Jane suck Haley’s natural tits. Jane packs gummy treats inside Haley’s rectum, and Haley squeezes the moist candy onto Jane’s tongue! Haley holds Sophia’s stocking-encased gams back while Jane fucks Haley’s box with a massive, double-headed phallus. Multiple toys pack slits and sphincters amid A2M pleasures. Jane takes a backdoor dildo ride as Sophia and Haley bury opposite ends of an anaconda-sized artificial schlong! “Ready for my booty shake?” asks Jane. Her ass blasts out a torrent of milk, soaking tongues and faces! Haley and Sophia return the favor, showering Jane in anal malted milk. We all scream for ass cream!

Scene 4: Lesbian Schoolgirl Anal Milkshake Orgy - Sexy teacher London River, a brick-house blonde MILF, oversees unruly students serving detention — cute blondes Sophia Grace and Haley Reed plus brunette vixens Violet Starr and Jane Wilde. The classroom pulses with pervy lesbian lust when Ms. River confiscates gummy candies and rubbery dildos from the horny young girls. Haley and Sophia worship London’s big tits while natural-breasted hotties Violet and Jane make out. The students strip down to just plaid, pleated schoolgirl skirts and sexy undies. They reveal London’s big ass and bare mommy cunt. London gives Jane a rim job and sodomizes her with a colossal, lubed dick toy. Haley tongues Jane’s bunghole and hairy twat as London feeds Violet the toy ass-to-mouth! The girls service London on her desk. Five ladies share fingers, tongues, dildos, face sitting, pussy eating and lots of spit. Haley stuffs a snake-like toy into London’s rectum. This party features refreshments: Haley squeezes a shiny red apple from her butthole for Violet and Sophia to suck! And with debauched glee, Jane squeezes sticky gumdrops from her holes onto London’s desk! “Let’s make milkshakes!” yells Jane, and anal milk squirting climaxes this outrageous, epic orgy. Buttholes shower sloppy juice across each girl’s face! Jane launches the last round, blasting heavy strands of cream into the teacher’s open mouth! The pervy ladies snowball the nasty shake concoction mouth-to-mouth.

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Cast & Stars: Frisky Anal Nymphos 2

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