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Scarlit Scandal has recently broken up with her boyfriend. To take her mind off of things, she invites her friend Freya Parker over for a sleepover while her parents are out of town. When Freya arrives, the girls go to Scarlit's parents' bedroom where the bed is big enough for the girls to share. Scarlit wants to take a moment to change into something more comfortable for girl talk now that Freya is here. She's a bit surprised when Freya encourages her to get changed right there in the room, but eventually she lets her friend have her way. Curling up on the bed, Freya listens as Scarlit talks, playing the sympathetic friend perfectly. Once Scarlit has finally dished about her breakup, Freya makes her move. She comes in for a kiss that takes Scarlit a little aback. Although she wasn't expecting this from Freya, Scarlit finds that she likes it very much. She likes it even better when Scarlit moves lower to pull up her shirt and go to work licking her tight titties. When Scarlit gives in to her attraction to Freya, she gives in completely. She gives Freya's breasts some serious attention, palming them and then leaning close to lap the nipples to hard peaks. The girls help each other undress, and then Freya shows Scarlit how girl on girl action really works.

Kneeling behind Scarlet, Freya places one hand on her friend's boobs and the other on her clit, working her into the beginning of a sexual frenzy. When Scarlit is all revved up, Freya lays her down on the bed and uses her fingers and tongue to really finish the job. Throbbing with the delight of her first lesbian climax, Scarlit decides to put what she's learned to work. She gets Freya on her knees so she can explore Freya's juicy twat with her tongue. Lapping her from end to end is just the beginning; eventually Scarlit settles in to really tongue Freya's fuck hole. Freya gives Scalrit another round of delight as she gets on her back and pulls Scarlit on top of her. Guiding Scarlit up her body, Freya eventually gets her BFF at the perfect spot so she can lick and suck Scarlit's clit. She keeps her tongue in constant motion until Scarlit's hips are bucking in delight. Scarlit once again returns the favor. Since Freya is already on her back, it's simple for Scarlet to get between her thighs and lift Freya's hips to the perfect pussy munching height. From there, all that's left to do is put her mouth back to work as Freya guides her with her breathy mewls of pleasure to leave Freya as replete as she is.

Simon is just doing her makeup in bed when her girlfriend Simon walks in on her. Simon is quick to take up the intimate opportunity to help Kiere look her best. It's not long before she has to set the makeup brush aside and give in to her sexual urges, though. Capturing Kiere's lips in a deep kiss isn't enough for Simon. Within moments she has popped Kiere's breasts from the top of her outfit to suck the nipples into hard tips. Another heartbeat later, Simon has peeled Kiere's clothes off entirely. Never one to fall behind in her lovemaking, Kiere quickly gives Simon the same treatment. Simon finds herself with the tables turned. On her back with her hands kneading her huge tits, she lets her head fall back in delight as Kiere's fingers make her pussy blossom with moisture. Kiere goes in for another deep kiss before working her way down Simon's body and settling on her belly between her girlfriend's thighs. There's nothing for Simon to do besides squeeze those boobies and let her hips buck in delight as Kiere makes her moan. Kiere finds the pussy feast so hot that she can't help masturbating her own pussy, too!

As soon as Simon has enjoyed an orgasm, Kiere falls back and lets her girlfriend take over. Her mouth worshipping Kiere's tits, Simon slips her hand between Kiere's thighs to rub down her lover's meaty twat. Simon's tongue soon follows so that Simon can suckle the clit while focusing her fingers on Kiere's fuck hole.Even though Simon isn't done with her yet, Kiere wants to make her love moan once again. She pulls Simon on top of her so that her girlfriend is sitting on her face for a ride on Kiere's tongue. That position lets Simon use her hands to keep Kiere's party going before she leans forward to create a lesbian 69.Curling up together with Simon as the big spoon, the girls continue their lovemaking as Simon puts her fingers back to work in Kiere's meaty snatch. She is unyielding, keeping the pressure up until Kiere's hips are twitching in pure bliss. In return, Kiere gets Simon on her knees to return the orgasmic favor from behind. The girls aren't quite done yet. After a deep kiss, Simon helps Kiere onto her back. Cradled between Kiere's thighs, she worships her love's clit and fuck hole with her tongue as Kiere's squeezes her breasts and runs her fingers through her hair with the sensation crashing over her. Kiere's final big O marks the end of their lovemaking extravaganza, but the girls seal their intention for a next time with a final deep kiss.

When Alex Coal seduced her roommate Liz Jordan and Liz's date last night, she didn't really think about the morning after. Now Liz's date is long gone and Alex and Liz have a bit of a reckoning ahead of them. Liz wakes up first and goes to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast. Alex joins her a few minutes later. Alex doesn't leave much time for awkward conversation. Coming up behind Liz, she tells her roommate that she wants to do it again right now so she can have Liz all to herself. Turning around in Alex's arms, Liz makes it clear she's not about to say no. Taking total control of the situation, Alex helps Liz up onto the counter. Making herself cozy between Liz's thighs, Alex licks her way up to sample those lovely titties and big hard nipples. Then she pushes Liz back and relieves her of her shorts to unveil her new lover's hairy twat. Liz gets a big of her own back as she peels Alex's shirt off, but Alex is a woman on a mission. She rolls Liz onto her back and leans forward to really get her face and fingers in business.

Liz opens herself completely for Alex's touch, letting her head roll back in delight as Alex fingers and tongues her twat with newfound expertise. As soon as she gets Liz moaning, Alex hikes one leg up onto the counter and leans forward so that Liz can have unobstructed access to her snatch. Liz knows just what to do. Dropping to her knees behind Alex, she opens wide to let her tongue roam up Alex's meaty folds in a thorough exploration that leaves nothing undiscovered. Alex gets Liz right back onto the island and then joins her there. The countertop is more than wide enough to accommodate their lesbian 69 as Alex rides Liz's tongue while feasting on Liz's snatch. Alex doesn't stay quiet as she rides! Instead, she instructs Liz to make sure she gets licked in just the right spots.The second Alex's twat is pulsing with orgasmic bliss, Alex is back on her knees with her pussy pressed to Liz's. The girls rock together, tribbing as they get louder and wetter for each other. When they've both found one more round of satisfaction, Alex comes down on Liz in a kiss full of unmistakable passion. They agree that last night was fun, but they're glad Liz's date went home.

Rebecca Volpetti has been seeing Nikki Nutz for a while, but things take a turn for the worse when Rebecca picks up his phone and sees another girl texting him with explicit content. Of course there's nothing for Rebecca to do but kick Nikki out and make sure it's clear. Devastated in the aftermath, Rebecca picks up the phone and calls her BFF Tiffany Tatum to come over and cheer her up. Tiffany rushes to Rebecca's place to console her friend. She gives Rebecca a hug and then claims she has just what her friend needs. Turning around, Tiffany grabs a vibrator from her bag. She leans in for a kiss to make it very clear that she intends to use the vibrator herself to make sure Rebecca has a good orgasm that will help her forget about her ex. Helping Rebecca onto the counter, Tiffany pulls her friend's shirt down and gives her breasts plenty of attention. Once Rebecca's nipples are both nice and hard, Tiffany moves lower to the heat of Rebecca's twat. She slides her friend's thong aside for a taste of the musky delight. Liking her first few licks, she goes to work for a full on pussy feast! When Tiffany's tongue won't do, she slides her fingers into Rebecca's snatch to really make her friend moan and squirm.

It's finally time for Rebecca to enjoy the toy that Tiffany brought over. Grabbing it, Tiffany presses the vibrations to Rebecca's clitoris. There's no denying Rebecca's absolute blissful pleasure as she comes apart beneath the vibrator and her BFF's touch. Rebecca may be a bit mopey, but she isn't about to let Tiffany get away without cumming, too. She swaps spots with Tiffany to help her friend onto the table. Tugging Tiffany's thong aside, Rebecca gets busy giving Tiffany a taste of her own toy. By the time Rebecca also shoves two fingers deep into Tiffany's twat to double down on the toy's delight, Tiffany is dripping and oh so eager to cum hard. She hangs on long enough to climb onto the counter on her knees so that Rebecca can finish the job by hand. Putting Rebecca back on the counter, Tiffany grabs a chair and kneels on it. That puts her face at the perfect pussy licking height. She leaves nothing to the imagination, licking oh so lovingly at Rebecca's juicy fuck hole while finger fucking her, then using her hand to make Rebecca moan long and loud. Joining Rebecca on the counter, Tiffany grabs the toy to once again use it until Rebecca has come apart in her arms. Rebecca winds down their lovemaking by easing Tiffany backwards and positioning herself between Tiffany's thighs. She slows things down a bit, taking longer slower licks up Tiffany's slit. Once she settles in to make sure Tiffany can enjoy a full pussy party, though, Rebecca won't stop until Tiffany's hips are bucking with pleasure. Indulging in kisses in the afterglow, the girls agree that they don't need guys.

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